Why We are Thankful for CBD this Year

2020 has been a year for the history books. There has been highs and lows of epic proportions. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world, and many people have felt the blow physically, financially and emotionally. Because of this, CBD has become increasing popular with its calming properties.

On the flip side, there are large numbers of people that have found themselves working from home or spending more time at home in general. They have been able to spend more time with their families and focus on their own self-care. CBD has helped compliment the wellness routine of many people who are working on their overall wellbeing with immune supporting capabilities.

CBD is the perfect “sidekick,” this year especially, for people at every point in their lives. It is great during the good times and still great for the not-so-good times.


CBD is a cannabinoid, which is why it responds so well within our body. Our endocannabinoid system recognizes CBD and can interact with it almost the same way as our body does with our endogenous cannabinoids. When we take CBD, our endocannabinoid system sends signals to all the parts of our body where receptors are located.

When CBD enters our bodies, it goes to work immediately in so many areas. Serotonin has 14 receptors, CBD focuses on one of these receptors, and this singled out receptor happens to be one of the essential receptors concerning anxious feelings. This receptor is called 5-HT1A, and when CBD binds with this receptor, feelings of ease and reduction of anxious feelings are felt. CBD works with our endocannabinoid system to help balance it out and support the system so it may function more efficiently.

Whether you are stressed because of the way your year has gone, or because you are in charge of cooking the turkey this Thanksgiving, CBD is there for you!


CBD is known as an “immunomodulator,” meaning it helps the immune system by keeping it in check and alert. CBD helps to support immune responses in our bodies to respond to antibodies in the most effective way possible. By allocating our immune system’s duties, CBD can help overactive and under-active immune systems to function even more efficiently. CBD is an intelligent immunomodulator and knows exactly what reactions our body must take to aid the immune system in fighting whatever may be dampening our full functionality.

CBD is also a natural antioxidant and has many vitamins and anti-bacterial properties, which help contribute to its many benefits. During the holiday season, it is important for even healthy people to keep their immune systems performing at tip-top shape. The chaos of the season brings stress, which can weaken the immune system, but it also brings cooler weather, which can lead to more colds and viruses. CBD also promotes a better night’s rest that can help your body rest, recover and revitalize for the next day.


Because CBD helps aids in combatting swelling and manage nausea, it is helpful to have around after your Thanksgiving feast. It can promote normal digestion to reduce the groggy, stuffed feelings that might happen after devouring all the tasty dishes.


There are discreet ways of taking your CBD this Thanksgiving from CBD Capsules and CBD Softgels to CBD Gummies. Any way you choose to get your daily CBD is beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

If you suffer from stressful and anxious feelings, CBD is an incredible option available to you. With all the stress of daily life and craziness during this time, CBD could be that extra boost to help you to be happy and enjoy the day. Even if you are relaxed and refreshed, CBD can help maintain normal functioning, support your immune system and assist in getting a better night’s rest. CBD can be your best friend during the next few months and beyond to help start 2021 off on the right foot!

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