Top 10 things you need to know before buying CBD oil

hemp derived CBD oil

CBD Oil has become very popular in the market due to its various health benefits. This is a chemical extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol and has all the benefits of cannabis extract minus the high.

The cannabis plant is the source of both CBD Oil as well as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Though both have the same origin, they are on the opposite spectrum when it comes to the benefits. THC is present in marijuana and has a psychoactive effect; CBD oil, on the other hand, is extracted using such a process that the THC content is close to zero and it has no psychoactive effect. CBD oil is available in oil form or as a powder. One needs to mix it with a base gel or cream to use it on the skin or can be taken orally as well. Though CBD oil is getting famous because of its benefit like discomfort relief, reducing swelling, acne reducer, etc., there are claims of people getting high due to the THC level not being properly maintained in some products on the market.

People who want to buy CBD oil for the first time may face lots of challenges because of the different forms it is available in. Add the many companies that are releasing their own CBD Oils, and it is easy to see why it could be difficult for first-time buyers. One, therefore, needs to be very cautious before buying CBD oil.

Two of the most important checks that need to be carried out is that of purity and the concentration of CBD oil present in the product being purchased.

Here we list some important parameters that one needs to consider before purchasing CBD oil for the first time.

1.Hemp produced in and natural components inside the Hemp: Hemp is a bio-accumulator by nature. Hence, it absorbs both good and bad components from nature like water, air, and soil where they are grown. Knowing the origin of the hemp is very important from a purchaser’s point of view as no one would like to buy CBD oil extracted from hemp which has accumulated toxins like pesticides, heavy metal, etc. during its growth.

2. THC Level in CBD Oil: Another important parameter to check is the percentage of THC in your CBD oil. For some people, a small variation in THC level may not be a big issue, but those working with heavy machinery or being drug tested at work may face challenges in this regard. For them, it is always advisable to buy CBD oil which has a THC level of less than 0.03%. Many manufacturers are now bringing zero THC CBD oil to the market. Although it might be bit expensive in comparison to other CBD oils on the market, people who need to be cautious about the psychoactive component in their CBD oil should go for these products where the THC level is close to zero.

3. The concentration of CBD Oil:  While checking the other parameters, do not forget to check the concentration level of CBD within the product you are buying. This is because a set standard concentration is required for one to reap maximum benefits of CBD. The concentration of CBD present in the extract is proportional to the benefits that you will enjoy. There are some products where the manufacturer might fool you with lucrative offers on the price. But instead of the price, this is the time when you need to cautiously check the concentration level and then buy the product. High-quality CBD oil should have a concentration level between 250mg to 1000 mg per fluid ounce.

4. Purity and Potentiality of CBD Oil: As there is a chance of the presence of unnecessary components and toxins in CBD oil, there is always a chance of CBD doing you more harm than good. To avoid this, it is always suggested to buy a product which has been tested not only at the laboratory of the manufacturer but also by a reputed third-party laboratory which is not affiliated with the said manufacturer. This not only gives you the peace of mind to exploit CBD Oil to its full potential but also helps you avoid any unforeseen circumstances. In these cases, the test report from an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited Laboratory would be deemed trustworthy.

5. Percentage of CBD in the purchased product: Though this parameter might look similar to the one addressed in point number 3, here you are supposed to pay attention to the actual amount of CBD oil in the product you are buying. You may understand this from the level posted on the container which says “800mg CBD oil” or “800mg Hemp extract.” It means the container has 800mg CBD oil in total.

6. The extraction process of CBD: Extracting CBD oil from the Hemp is a complicated process. It is in no way similar to extracting juice from fruit but instead involves a complicated process to assure quality and potency. Companies extracting CBD oil from Hemp use methods like CO2 extraction which help ensure the purity of CBD oil and prevent it from being contaminated by unwanted substances. However, to maximize profits, many manufacturers use simpler techniques to extract the CBD oil using harsh solvents which in turn leaves unwanted, and often times toxic, residue in the Oil. The presence of these can affect your body badly.

The process of extracting CBD oil from Hemp using Carbon dioxide is a much safer option comparatively even though it increases both manufacturing expenses and as well as time. This extraction of CBD oil under high pressure and low temperature using carbon dioxide not only prevents adulterants which might adversely affect your health but also produces better and high-quality CBD oil lacking damaging solvents and chemicals like ethanol, propane, and butane.

7. Accountability of the CBD Oil Manufacturer: As it is not possible to extract CBD oil at home, you will, therefore, have to be dependent on the available manufacturers in the market. While checking the rest of the parameters, also check the accountability of the manufacturer you want to buy the product from. Due to CBD being a niche product as of now, there have been cases of manufacturers exploiting customers to make a profit. To save yourself from this situation try to reach out to the manufacturer and connect with them before you order the CBD oil. If you find them not only amiable but also willing to answer all your queries and even provide conclusive test results in time, you can be assured not only of the product you are purchasing but also of the accountability of the manufacturer.

8. Transparency of the CBD Oil Manufacturer: While you check the accountability of the manufacturer, it is also important for you to check how transparent and legal the company is. Less transparency equals more diluted and harmful CBD oil and vice versa. Hence, it is equally important for you to know and research the manufacturer and company before taking the final decision to order CBD oil from them.

9. Medical Guidelines provided by the CBD Oil Manufacturer: As per the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) by the Food and Drug Administration, it is a strict breach of the contract to claim that CBD products can be used to successfully treat any medical condition or can be prescribed as a medical treatment for symptoms.

Any company making wild claims such as these should be strictly avoided because if they are willing to portray CBD this way, then they might be faking on many other fronts as well.

Though researches so far have shown satisfactory reports about the effects of using CBD, legit companies will avoid claims of its medical efficacy in accordance with the guidelines set by FDA.

10. Research before buying cheaper CBD Oil: When it is the question of buying CBD oil, it is advisable not to go with lucrative offers that ship the product at a ridiculous price. This is because neither the origin of the organic Hemp is cheap nor the process of extracting the CBD from it is. Extraction of CBD using carbon dioxide is a complicated and multi-step process which requires costly equipment as well as demands a high level of expertise to do the job successfully.

Every step of CBD extraction starting from growing hemp to the final extraction involves money. Not only that, if you need high quality, pure, highly concentrated CBD oil that has been methodologically extracted from an organic hemp, with the product having passed the tests of the third-party laboratories, while the manufacturer is a well-reputed firm following all the set rules and regulations you should eventually pay the actual worth of the product irrespective of how costly it might be.

It is after all up to you to decide if you need a pure and genuine CBD oil or a cheaper one that may compromise your health and that of your loved ones.

Even as a first-time buyer, if you keep these parameters in mind you can easily filter out the bad companies and find a reputed one that fits your criteria and does not trick you when purchasing quality CBD oil.

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