The Shelf Life of CBD

A common question that is asked frequently is “what is the shelf life of CBD?” In this post, we will discuss things such as whether or not CBD does or doesn’t have a shelf life, what affects the shelf life of CBD, and what you can do to extend this shelf life.


Like any other natural products, CBD does have a shelf life. Unfortunately, this amazing compound is not immune to the fate of expiration. The expiration of a CBD product will not make you sick, rather it will just be less effective and lose its potency. However, these products have a shelf life between 14 and 24 months. Although this is a large range, there are factors that decide the longevity of these products.

Keep in mind, the longer a CBD product is stored, the less effective it becomes. This is true of any CBD products, regardless of how well they are stored. To understand what effects CBD shelf life length, let’s look at what these factors are that allow some CBD products to remain effective longer than others.


There is an array of factors that affect the longevity of each CBD product. The importance of these varying factors are determinant of whether your CBD will be good indefinitely, or will perish within a short time span. Here are a few of the reasons one CBD product might stay good longer than another.


How you store your CBD affects how long you can keep using it before it becomes less effective. You want to make sure that you are storing your CBD in a cool and dry environment. Heat and humidity can decrease the shelf life of your CBD products drastically. Another thing you must avoid is direct sunlight on your CBD products. The light exposure can also reduce the shelf life of your CBD products drastically due to the intense degradation of the compound when exposed to light.

If you want to store your CBD properly, keep it in a place that is dry and will not exceed 70 degrees in temperature. A good spot for your CBD could be your fridge. Lastly, try to avoid as much air exposure as possible. The oxygen in the air puts the compounds through an oxidative process that reduces the effectiveness of the CBD by changing the compound over time. Always keep your CBD sealed as much as you can. Just make sure that you are storing your CBD properly.


Another huge factor that plays into the shelf life of CBD is of course the quality of the product. Just like any other product you may purchase, the better quality it is, the longer it will last. But it is not only the quality of the hemp or the richness of the soil, it is also the methods of extraction that are used. CBD can lose a lot of its effectiveness in the extraction if not extracted right. That is why it is important to purchase your products from companies with dedication to perfection, efficiency, detail and quality.


Now you know what shortens the shelf life of your CBD products, lets recap on how we can extend the shelf life of your CBD products:

  • Store in cool/dry place
  • Avoid storing in places with temperatures above 70 degrees
  • Avoid light exposure
  • Storing your CBD in a fridge can help keep your products effective
  • Limit the amount of exposure to air
  • Buy CBD that have proper extraction methods
  • Only purchase high-quality CBD

If you do all of these things, your CBD products will be sure to last much longer! Everyone’s consumption of CBD varies. The serving size and the amount need for each individual is unique. Most people will use their CBD in an average time period. But if you are one of the exceptions, make sure to follow these steps and enjoy the benefits of CBD!

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