The Endocannabinoid System

Dr David Allen describes the importance of the Endocannabinoid system and how the use of CBD can enhance overall health and potentially treat common and serious symptoms.
Dr. David Allen: Hello, my name is Dr. David Allen. I’m a retired cardiac surgeon and member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, ICRS. That means I’m a cannabinoid research scientist, and I’m here to tell you about the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, the ECS, and the significance and how it will change medicine. We discovered the endocannabinoid system about 30 years ago, and we really didn’t understand the significance of its discovery. We found out that this is a chemical communication that your body has. It’s not electrical, it’s chemical, and it’s kind of like the hormone systems that people are familiar with, and your body makes these cannabinoids, they’re endogenous, so they’re endocannabinoids, and they perform some miraculous functions in the body, and we’re just learning the significance of these functions.
Basically, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for homeostasis. Most people don’t understand what that really means, but it’s the body’s ability to maintain itself and function in the proper environment. It’s critically important that doctors in the future understand this control mechanism. We’re finding out that manipulation of this endocannabinoid system will control diabetes. It controls cancer. It controls whether you can survive a heart attack or stroke. This is critically important for doctors to understand this new science, and the discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the single-most important medical/scientific discovery ever, and will save more lives than the discovery and application of sterile surgical technique, and I’m a heart surgeon saying that. More people will be saved by manipulation of the endocannabinoid system than are currently saved by surgery.
We found out there are studies that if you use cannabis for 20 years or more, just smoking cannabis, that it decreases the incidence of diabetes by 66%. There are studies that show when they specifically stress beta cells of the pancreas to try to kill them by oxidative techniques that if you use cannabinoids it protects the cells from this oxidation. Really what this means is, you can use cannabis and decrease the incidence of diabetes by 66% or more, maybe, if you use it other ways, if you eat it, and your doctor currently can’t give you any medicine at all that decreases the incidence of diabetes by even 2%. This is a miracle that cannabis does this, and it means that your use of cannabis will protect the beta cells of your pancreas from oxidation. That means, basically, all cannabis use is medical regardless of whether you understand the science behind this or not.

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