The Benefits of Nano-emulsified CBD

Technology has been used throughout history to bring about some of the greatest scientific achievements. It has been at the forefront of modernization and development to make things better, more efficient or more effective. Through the use of nanotechnology, scientists have been able to make incredible advancements in many areas, such as medicine, nutraceuticals, energy consumption, construction materials and more. The applications of this technology are endless. The use of nanotechnology to create micro-sized particles is beginning to take the CBD industry by storm.

What is an Emulsifier?

An emulsifier is a substance that prevents the separation of ingredients in a mixture. By using the power of nanotechnology, scientists and developers have created nano-emulsion to further increase the power of emulsions in compounds and ingredients. Nano-emulsions are kinetically stable and clear solutions made up of insoluble, microscopic particles. These particles are distributed evenly within a mixture of oil, water and other substances and are responsible for reducing the tension of the surface while work to stabilize the mixture by combining with surfactant molecules. These particles are so small they range from 1-200 nanometers. If you are not sure how big a nanometer is, that is one billionth of a meter. That is 0.000000001 of 1 meter. Making the particles so small allows them to combine with larger molecules they would not normally be able to mix with, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Three Types of Nano-emulsions

There are actually three types of nano-emulsions. Each one is different depending on the composition of the mixture, but all have close to the same concept. For all of the nano-emulsions listed below, the interface becomes stable when the right blend of surfactants or co-surfactants are added.

  • Water-In-Oil (W/O): Distributing water droplets in the oil phase
  • Oil-In-Water (O/W): Distributing oil droplets in the aqueous phase
  • Bi-continuous: When droplets of oil and water are dispersed within the system of the mixture

Advantages of Nano-emulsion

Now you know a little about what nano-emulsion is, here are some of the advantages provided by using nano-emulsified products:

  • The rate of absorption is increased tremendously
  • Enhances solubility
  • Bioavailability is increased
  • Enables the compound to have an efficient penetration into the solution
  • And more!

The amount of benefits is huge for nano-emulsified products. That is why more and more companies are using nanotechnology, and they aren’t the only ones. The CBD industry is quickly becoming aware of these new innovations and the benefits. That is why certain manufacturers are developing water soluble products for their customers.

The Advantages for Using Nano-emulsion in CBD

You may be wondering why this benefits the CBD industry. Naturally, CBD is “hydrophobic” since it is an oil, meaning it does not mix well with water. This has hindered the full potential of CBD since many of the products being sold are taken orally, and only a small percentage of the CBD being ingested actually makes it into the bloodstream. Research has shown that only 5-15% of the CBD being ingested through oral consumption is actually being used in your body. The rest is flushed out because your body was not able to capture the CBD. The CBD can also be lost when your gut and liver break down the compound before it reaches your bloodstream, and your body ends up flushing out a large percentage of the CBD you just consumed.

Through the use of nanotechnology, CBD can become “hydrophilic,” meaning it does mix well with water. Because the majority of our bodies are made up of water, this allows higher rates of absorption and bioavailability. With increased bioavailability, the product becomes even more efficient and allows you to experience the same benefits at a faster rate. This information has given CBD experts a new perspective that has changed the way some manufacturers are developing new products. To apply some of the benefits of this new technology to CBD, here is a small list of how nanotechnology is helping to revolutionize CBD products:

  • Increased Bioavailability
  • Reduced Dissolution
  • Faster Onset
  • More CBD Being Retained
  • Effectiveness Increased
  • Direct Absorption

New research is being done every day to support the effectiveness and efficiency of these new methods and show how nanotechnology is going to change the way CBD products are manufactured.

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