Sprinkles Cupcakes Recognizes 4/20 With CBD Oil-Infused Treats

Sprinkles Cupcakes sold CBD oil-infused red velvet cupcakes Saturday in honor of 4/20, a date on which some people celebrate marijuana use.

The promotion was for April 20 only, and each bakery had a limited quantity, according to a tweet from Sprinkles Cupcakes.

CBD is derived from hemp, and does not offer a high, like marijuana.

“It’s all about trying to stay ahead of the curve,” Ben Del Castillo, the general manager of Sprinkles’ Dallas store, said. “For us, it’s testing something new and see what the reaction is, and if our guests really like it, maybe we bring more offerings or something like that.”

Sprinkles Cupcakes has locations in University Park and at Legacy West in Plano. Its other Texas locations are in Austin and Houston.

Original article by NBC 5

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