First Patient in Valley Receives Medical CBD Oil Treatment

First Patient in Valley Receives Medical CBD Oil Treatment. After recent changes in the law, companies are legally producing the oil with low levels of THC. Dina H-G: Medical marijuana, now here in the Valley. After recent changes in the law, companies are legally producing the oil with low levels of THC. Oscar Adame: A mother says her daughter is the first in the Valley to receive the alternative medical treatment. Channel 5’s Christian Von Preysing is here in our studio to tell us why they see hope in the drug. Christian V.: This is all just getting started in Texas. It’s a new chapter for a family that’s been impacted by rare odds. Loreda Gallaga: She sees multiple doctors because of the deterioration on her organs. Christian V.: This mother, Loreda Gallaga, has tried everything. Loreda Gallaga: There is not treatment that really has worked. Christian V.: No treatment that’ll do everything necessary for her daughter, Angelica, to be distress-free. Angelica is 20 years old. She graduated from Robert Vela High School. She likes to watch SpongeBob. Loreda Gallaga: She’s happy. She’s watching her TV. Christian V.: Her life is also defined by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and another unknown genetic disorder that affects her as well. She has oxygen support. The biggest impact on her are the six to ten seizures she experiences per day. Loreda Gallaga: What these seizures do is it challenges her breathing even more. Christian V.: When Angelica seizes, her nurses move quickly. The oxygen in her blood starts dropping. She could die if she doesn’t have someone around to help. In the past, Loreda hired her own helpers out of pocket, before Medicaid kicked in three years ago. She has a full-time job. Loreda Gallaga: Yes, she cannot be unassisted, so there is someone always with her. Christian V.: The nurses help administer the five meds Angelica takes to help control the seizures. Loreda Gallaga: They’re very strong medications. They have very harsh side effects that can attack her organs and can also leave her more mentally disabled. [inaudible 00:01:48]. Christian V.: How will be the first time Angelica tries something new. Loreda Gallaga: Melissa, it’s .1. Christian V.: Morris Denton is CEO of Compassionate Cultivation. His company is one of three businesses licensed to operate in Texas. Compassionate Cultivation distributes CBD oil to families like these who want to try it. Loreda Gallaga: Today will be her first dose. Christian V.: They give her a little dab of the oil. Denton says Angelica is the first patient in the Valley to take this new regulated CBD. She seems to like the flavor. For her mother … Loreda Gallaga: We’re so grateful. Christian V.: It’s something different. After caring for her daughter the same way for 20 years. Morris Denton: [crosstalk 00:02:23] Loreda Gallaga: The CBD oil is what gives us hope. Christian V.: Hope that her daughter’s life will improve as a result. The CBD oil being used is specifically regulated in Texas to have no more than half of a percent of THC, which is a controlled substance under federal law. In the Channel 5 News Studio, Christian Von Preysing, Channel 5 News at 6. Dina H-G: Last July, Channel 5 News brought you a special report, Valley parents confessed about giving their daughter medical marijuana. As we reported, the young child suffers from several neurological disorders that keep her from developing like a normal child. Her parents found that cannabis helped her more than any prescribed medicine used in the past. To watch that special report, A Last Hope, you can log on to our website,, and click on the Investigations tab.

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