Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is private labeling?

Private label is when we manufacture products that are marketed under your company’s brand and/or label.

Why private label?

Private label products are often positioned to be lower cost alternatives to regional, national, or international brands. Some private label goods are positioned as “premium” brands. Private labeling allows you to create a brand to best reach your defined target market without having to spend the time and expense normally associated with creating your own products.

What are your specialties? What products do you make primarily?

We specialize in advanced formula high quality CBD products, with full product support from conception to distribution. Our high efficiency allows us to produce CBD products at a reasonable cost, allowing our customer to maximize their ROIs. We can produce your product in a variety of forms, including, but not limited to: tinctures, lotions, balms, capsules, creams, sprays, powders, tablets, veggie caps, juices, serums, liquid products, and gels.

How do I get started?

Contact us today for a quote via email at [email protected], or call us at (904) 900-4747. We will connect you will a knowledgeable CBD Hemp Expert, who will be your dedicated contact to assist you with our streamlined process.

Is payment required to begin processing my order?

We require payment in full when your order is placed.

What forms of payment are accepted?

For orders over $1,000 US, we accept bank wire and ACH transfers. For sample orders, or orders less than $1,000 we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, bank wire & ACH transfers.

Do you offer marketing support for my product?

Much more than just a CBD manufacturer, we offer a variety of support resources for your brand after production.

Do you attend trade shows?

CBD Hemp Experts exhibits at trade shows nationally. Contact us to find out when we will be at a show near you. We would be happy to schedule a meeting with you!

How can I contact you?

Contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at (904) 900-4747.

Private Label Services

What is the minimum run of products you will make? OR What is your minimum order/batch size?

For private label of most of our stock products the minimum order is 100 units per sku. For custom orders the minimum order is 1000 units per sku. (Contact us for exact quote and details).

What are your R&D capabilities?

We have a full team and network of scientists, laboratory professionals, and chemists dedicated to researching and developing our newest in-house products, as well as creating our clients’ proprietary formulations.

Can we supply our own materials?

We utilize many raw ingredient providers to offer you with the lowest cost products possible. To ensure the quality of your products, we only use suppliers and ingredients that we already have tested, are legally compliant and provide the highest quality raw materials.

What are your lead times?

We typically ship within 3-4 weeks after final label approval. For custom products our lead times are generally 4-6 weeks depending on the product and formulation.

Do I need a formulation to get started with you?

A formula is not necessary to get started. Most of our clients choose to use an existing house formula, or have our laboratory scientists create a proprietary formula based upon your needs and target audience. We can also analyze existing products if necessary for an additional fee.

How do I specify a formulation?

A known formula should be broken down into ingredients listed by milligrams.

Is there an extra charge for a custom formulation?

There are additional fees to create a custom formulation. (Contact us for quote).

How can I find out the status of my production run?

Your dedicated CBD Hemp Expert will work with you on every step of the process, and can update you on the status of your order, as well as answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

What do I do if I already have a finished product but no formula?

We can analyze your finished product for an additional fee.


What products do you offer?

We currently offer over 100 CBD products for you to choose from.Your products can be produced in many different forms, including: tinctures, lotions, balms, capsules, creams, sprays, powders, tablets, veggie caps, juices, serums, liquid products, or gels.

If I have a special nutraceutical ingredient I want to use from a specific ingredient supplier, can you acquire it for production?

In most cases, our efficiencies of scale allow us to source ingredients at the best price available. However, you may use ingredients from a specific ingredient supplier upon request and approval.

Is there a difference in cost between tinctures, capsules, tablets, liquids, creams, etc.?

As the manufacturing process differs between product forms, this may also affect the cost of your product.

What are your lead times?

Because of our commitment to obtaining the highest quality ingredients at the lowest cost, as well as our strict adherence to all GMP regulations, the average turnaround time on standard and premier labeled products is 3-6 weeks and custom orders 6-8 weeks.

Is there an average cost per bottle?

Cost of your product is determined by the ingredients in the formulations. Since ingredient prices differ, the cost of your product cannot be determined until a formula is finalized. Also, volume discount may apply to larger orders.

Label Design

What label design support do you offer?

We will provide you compliant label templates to use or reference for your label development.

How long will my label printing take?

Label printing typically takes about 10 days, though it can sometimes be completed in as few as 72 hours.

I have artwork created for my label, what formats do you accept?

The preferred format is Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file with non-outlined fonts with assets embedded (fonts, images, etc.) used in the .AI file. Hi-res Adobe Photoshop (.psd) 300 DPI CMYK will also be accepted. If we are making revisions to your existing artwork, please provide the vector file and all fonts. Please include .050” bleed and .050” safe zone. Adobe hi-res PDF CMYK color mode, with non-outlined fonts will also be accepted. Please provide a high-res .jpg image of your artwork as a point of reference.

Do you provide labels?

We are more than happy to offer label printing and application services. We can create your label with provided artwork.

Do you offer custom package design help and do you manufacture packaging as well?

If you are ordering 1,000 or more items per SKU, we can create custom packaging as well as customize how the product is presented within your packaging, including printed inserts.

Where do I print the labels? Can I print them on my own?

Yes, you can print your own labels. However, if you print your own labels you will need to apply your labels and we will ship products to you unlabeled.This is normally the quickest way to get your products delivered.


What are your certifications?

Our manufacturing plants are GMP certified, as well as registered with the FDA. We can also produce organic, halal, and kosher goods.

How can I be sure of the ingredients in my formulation, and the quality of ingredients?

We use the highest quality ingredients when developing each formula. We can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) upon request.

I’m concerned about meeting FDA regulations. How can you help me make sure I am compliant?

Our team is very knowledgeable in regards to FDA regulations. Our plants are registered with the FDA, and follow all GMP guidelines.

Are the products FDA approved?

The FDA does not have statutory authority to approve any food or any food manufacturer of CBD Hemp or supplement products.


Will you ship individual orders?

No, we are a B2B wholesale manufacture and distributor. We do not ship individual direct orders to your customers.

How long will it take to receive my order?

That will be dependent on the destination and delivery options you choose. We can assist you on choosing the most appropriate method to fit your needs.

What kinds of packing material do you use?

We offer a variety of packing material. Our professional team ensures your product is packaged appropriately so that your product travels as safely as possible. Please note, that while our processes are geared toward zero-loss quality packaging practices, we cannot be held liable in instances when best practices have been employed and damages have occurred due to mishandling by the carrier.

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