CBD Hemp Experts Launches FDA-Approved OTC High-Quality Hand Sanitizer

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CBD Hemp Experts has converted a portion of their manufacturing capabilities to manufacture FDA-Approved hand sanitizer.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, June 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — CBD Hemp Experts has just announced the release of their high-quality formula hand sanitizer in efforts to help combat the spread of germs amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The OTC Hand Sanitizer is formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol to comply with FDA standards, as well as the addition of aloe and Vitamin E to help hands retain moisture and not dry out. This high-quality antiseptic sanitizer is effective at eliminating 99% of many common germs, while softening hands at the same time.

Gregg Sturz, Co-Founder of JAG Alliance said he is excited for the release of the company’s new product line and to help fight the spread of illness. “COVID-19 has shown everyone that we cannot take cleanliness and good health for granted. It is important we maintain proper hygiene, while doing what we can to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and continue to implement these positive changes even after the pandemic has passed. Hand sanitizer should become a product people carry with them everywhere they go,” Sturz said.

While CBD Hemp Experts is known for its premium quality hemp-derived CBD products, this OTC Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer would be the first product available from the company that does not contain the addition of hemp-derived cannabinoids. CBD Hemp Experts is also known throughout the industry for their high standards of products and testing, as well as their adherence to detail, safety, effectiveness, professionalism and quick turnaround times.

This 70% alcohol Hand Sanitizer is available in cases and pallets, which are for those that are looking at stocking their shelves. The introduction of this new product will help many businesses find new ways to work within the consumer climate amidst the pandemic, and hopefully begin to use sanitization products more often.

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