CBD for Pets

Grow Your Business with CBD Pet Care

The CBD Pet market is absolutely booming, from specialty shops to big box stores. In the last decade, we have seen record growth in the pet industry. With more than $60 billion a year being spent on our furry friends, you can see how the industry is exploding! Why? Because pet owners are looking for products that will truly make a difference in their pets lives. That’s why products with probiotics and/or glucosamine are all very popular. But what’s really taking this market by storm, is CBD for Pets!

Like humans, pets can suffer from many of the same issues. Anxious feelings and aching joints are two of the biggest complaints from pet owners. Giving your pets CBD can ease their symptoms, but also improve their quality of life. The list of health benefits pets are experiencing from taking CBD is staggering. Here are just a few; reduces anxious feelings, relieves discomfort, protects the nervous system, good for the heart and more.

As more and more pet owners are understanding the value of CBD products for their pets, store owners who do not offer pet products with CBD are leaving money on the table!

Chewable Pet Treats, CBD Pet Shampoo, Pet Sprays and more


CBD Pet Drops are made with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. They are all natural and pesticide free with no synthetic fillers or preservatives, vegan friendly, gluten free, non-GMO and contain no alcohol.
Available in 100mg, 250mg and 500mg.


CBD Pet Treats are perfect for cats and dogs! Made with CBD and only the best, all-natural ingredients that help promote homeostasis, keeping your best friend’s body in perfect balance and helping them stay healthy and happy.


CBD Conditioning Shampoo for Pets is excellent for any pet parent looking for a calming conditioning shampoo that helps reduce irritated skin and supports pet health.


There are times in our pets’ lives when we have to be away from them. It can cause them undue stress or anxious feelings. This quick easy to use oral spray offers you a solution to help that problem. It allows your pet to remain calm and gain confidence. This is also perfect for dogs or cats that are nervous around people or other pets. Formulated with CBD oil, this oral spraystimulates the relaxation in the brain.


CBD Joint Relief Oral Pet Spray helps bring out the inner puppy in your pet! No one likes to see their “furry four legged” children in discomfort. Unfortunately, the older our pets get, the more trouble they have moving. CBD Joint Relief Oral Pet Spray is designed to reduce their discomforts. An easy and simple way to help your pet feel better and a great natural way to help them get up and go!