CBD for Athletes: Help Your Mind, Body & Discipline

Professional athletes regularly push their bodies to the limits. They are constantly training and competing in events to be the best in their sport, which can lead to wear and tear, as well as stress on their muscles and joints. From ice baths to ibuprofen, these athletes are always looking for a way to speed up the recovery process and achieve peak performance in their sport. Because of the numerous beneficial properties of CBD, many athletes are looking towards CBD for relief and advocating for its overall acceptance in each of their respective organizations.


There are many facets to becoming a strong competitor. Sports are not only a physical test, but also a mental one, so it is important for athletes to maintain control over their mind. An athlete also has to keep their body at peak performance in order to compete, and discipline is essential to supporting their mind and body.

These components of gameplay are extremely important to becoming a high-performance athlete. Luckily, CBD can assist in these areas and help athletes at all levels enhance performance, while feeling strong, healthy and focused.


Athletes can have mental struggles that can hinder them from performing at their peak, whether that is a past failure, anxious feelings over performing or a personal issue. CBD can provide psychological benefits to athletes that can enhance their mood, reduce their stress, as well as enhance their focus.

A huge gameplay component is learning how to control your mind to work with your body to perform at your highest potential. Without a strong mental game, even the most physically adequate athletes will struggle in their performance if they cannot control their minds. Just visualizing your performance helps increase an athlete’s performance by 23%. It sounds more natural to accomplish than it is; it requires a mental toughness that many athletes struggle with training.

Many athletes battle their nerves before competing and can sabotage their performance if they do not find a way to calm their mind before performing. CBD is a potential solution for those who need a little extra help in easing those negative thoughts and focusing on the game, rather than their thoughts that hold them back from competing at the level of talent they are capable.

These mental benefits allow athletes to submerge themselves into a rhythmic flow, making them feel more comfortable in their performance and enable them to focus on their form and training to compete at their best!


Lots of training and taking care of the body is mandatory for performing at a competitive level. Even athletes with the toughest mental game will struggle to win against their opponents if they do not train their bodies and practice their performance to increase muscle memory.

CBD is excellent for those who want to reach peak physical ability. The benefits are achieved by increasing blood flow, repairing muscles, and strengthening cells to keep their bodies healthy and fit. Some swelling can be beneficial to athletes when training and building muscle, but too much can impede performance and cause recovery to take longer. By binding to the CB2 receptors in the immune tissue, cannabinoids can promote the decrease of swelling by reducing the cytokine production, which can help after hard workouts.

Our bodies take a beating every time we compete, and over time this can prove to become strenuous on our muscles and joints. Because of its effect on the endocannabinoid system, research suggests that CBD is beneficial in reducing joint and muscle discomfort. The endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors found throughout the body that interact with cannabinoids, including CBD, which can help relieve headaches, ease muscle tension and joint discomfort.

Lastly, CBD works to repair cells and strengthen them to help keep our immune system intact and functioning so that our bodies’ energy can focus on training and increasing our game rather than fighting off illness.


The last component of gameplay is learning discipline. Without discipline, an athlete’s mental and physical gameplay will render ineffective. They must be disciplined in their mind and training to keep getting better or even maintain the level of performance they are capable.

Rest and recovery are essential to help you function at the level of competition you are wanting. Some people struggle with sleeping or easing their minds before bedtime, keeping them up and leaving little time for their bodies to recover and their minds to rest. With adequate rest, athletes can wake up the next morning feeling energized and focused to compete or train to accomplish their goals.


CBD has so many areas to benefit from when considering an athlete’s performance. Each component of the competition can be positively affected by CBD, making it an effective option for those looking to reach that next level of performance.

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