CBD Consumption Methods

Which Method Would Benefit You the Best

There are a number of ways CBD can be absorbed into our body. Each way has its own benefits, as well as its own processes of transporting CBD into our bloodstream and at different bioavailability rates. Bioavailability can be described as being the rate and degree that a substance, in this case CBD, can be absorbed to enter into the bloodstream. CBD can be introduced into the body numerous ways; here are some of the most common:

  • Topical application
  • Swallowed as a capsule, tablet or softgel
  • Edible consumption
  • Oral liquids such as Tincture drops or sprays
  • Inhalation of vapor

With all these different ways to consume CBD, it can leave one to question: which consumption method is the most effective? Although they all have their own benefits, we will discuss which methods have a higher absorption rate than the others and also what makes each delivery unique.

Topical Solution Application

Topical solutions come in many forms that range from creams, lotions, salves, serums, soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, etc.. The topical solution is absorbed through the skin, your biggest organ, but not directly entering the bloodstream. Instead the compound interacts with proximal cannabinoid receptors and is activated that way. Although these compounds can be absorbed through our skin, the rate at which it is absorbed is rather low. That is why if you are using a cream, salve or lotion, you must apply it heavy enough to allow an effective amount to be absorbed through your skin. CBD will be absorbed through your pores when applied in a generous manner. The topical solutions are best for those who have discomfort or swelling in targeted areas and will aid in relief by activating those nearby cannabinoid receptors under the skin.

Oral Capsule and Edible Consumption

The next consumption method is through oral consumption by swallowing a capsule, tablet, softgel or ingesting an edible or beverage containing CBD. The rate of absorption for oral ingestion is higher than that of topical solutions, but still contains a lengthy process to be absorbed into our body. Before the CBD can reach our blood stream, it must go through our metabolic and digestive systems. This reduces the total amount of CBD absorbed slightly, as well as reduces the rate at which it is absorbed. Consumption of edibles containing CBD has a slightly higher bioavailability than capsules, but are still in the same margin. If you are taking CBD through oral consumption make sure you take an adequate amount, so your body can get an effective amount of CBD.

Oral Liquid Consumption

Tincture drops and CBD sprays are ingested by placing the CBD oil under your tongue for 60-90 seconds, so it may enter directly into your bloodstream. This method is called sublingual consumption. This consumption method gets its name from the vein underneath our tongue called the sublingual gland. Unlike oral ingestion through capsules or edibles, this consumption method has a higher bioavailability and higher rate of absorption than the previous methods mentioned above. It has a higher success rate for absorption than taking a capsule, and the user will feel the effects at a more rapid rate.

CBD Through Vaping

The last method we are going to talk about is the most effective, as well as the most controversial, vaping. When CBD is vaped, it has the highest rate of bioavailability when compared to all other methods. This is because when the CBD vapor enters the lungs it is immediately absorbed through the lungs straight into the bloodstream. This is through the alveoli, tiny air sacs located in our lungs, which absorb the CBD and puts it directly into our bloodstreams allowing the effects of the CBD to become instant, rather than a delayed release. Our lungs are such a large mass which are covered in alveoli, that is why the bioavailability is so high and how the CBD can be absorbed so quickly into our bloodstream. The reason this method is controversial is over the stigma around vaping, as many people do not understand the contents of vape juice and or how it works.

What is best for you?

All of these methods have their own benefits depending on what the user is looking for. That is why this article is not meant to divert you away from any specific consumption method, but instead to educate and give a better understanding on the benefits and rates of consumption of CBD into the bloodstream.

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