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In Kentucky, Farmers Find Hemp May Be More Profitable Than Tobacco

Joe Hickey in Atalo's Kentucky hemp field

Perhaps the most misunderstood agricultural product on the market today, industrial hemp is seeing a surge of growth among U.S. agriculture producers now planting the crop in record numbers, often replacing staples like soy, corn and tobacco. With growing interest from farmers looking for more profitable harvests — and support from power brokers like U.S. Senate […]

Does CBD oil work for menopause symptoms?

Does CBD oil work for menopause symptoms

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that that comes from hemp plants and marijuana. It is possible that cannabidiol oil could help to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Researchers have looked at other herbal and natural remedies as options, but have not yet proved that any of them are consistently effective. Recently, there has been much […]

Hemp Will Be A Top 10 Product In 2019, Whole Foods Predicts

The gurus at Whole Foods Market have spoken: hemp products, already incredibly popular, will be a top 10 food trend in 2019. In a press release, the company said it relied on “seasoned trend-spotters” who have “more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing, studying consumer preferences and participating in food and wellness […]

Growing hemp is about to be legal for the first time in nearly a century

The hemp research plot at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food & Environment Spindletop Research Farm was harvested Tuesday morning in Lexington, Ky.

CBD will finally no longer be in a legal gray area Congress just reached an agreement on proposed legislation that could make hemp legal to grow in the United States for the first time in nearly a century. Hemp may be derived from the same plant as marijuana, but it doesn’t make anyone high and […]

The biggest health food trends of 2019 have been revealed

The biggest health food trends of 2019 have been revealed

From charcoal lattes to moon milk, our Instagram feeds have been inundated with more social media-worthy snaps of health foods than ever before this year. But with the run-up to Christmas well underway, it leaves us wondering what’s in store for our 2019 Pinterest board. Thankfully, Whole Foods has unveiled its predictions with a definitive […]

Pot Derivative Offers Relief Without the High

A derivative of the cannabis plant, CBD relieved Molly Branch’s headaches, she said, so she decided to stock shelves of Portsmouth’s Herbal Path store with various CBD products sold to people of all ages. An herbalist and the store manager, Branch said one customer bought CBD for her 8-year-old son to manage his attention deficit […]

The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About Hemp

The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About Hemp

1. Hemp, Medical, and Recreational Cannabis are All the Same Although industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana are all members of the cannabis family, hemp is distinguished from other cannabis species by its extremely low THC content. While medical and recreational cannabis often contain THC levels upwards of 25%, hemp varieties contain less than […]

Mitch McConnell’s Farm Bill Could Blow Up the CBD Market

Mom is going to be buying CBD at Walgreens if this bill passes.

CBD is already big business in America with hundreds of millions of dollars in sales every year. But the market for pot’s second most famous compound might soon skyrocket thanks to a somewhat unlikely ally: Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. The powerful Republican from Kentucky included provisions in this year’s Farm Bill that would fully legalize […]

5 Reasons CBD May Be the Perfect Workplace Supplement

CBD as workplace supplement

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many organic compounds found in hemp known as cannabinoids. Being productive at work is not always easy. Different factors such as lack of sleep, stress, or simply boredom that can often keep us from being the best versions of ourselves at the office. Luckily, there is now a solution […]

Forget THC! Cannabidiol (CBD) Is the Marijuana Industry’s Moneymaker

Ready or not, legal marijuana is taking North America by storm. Even though the U.S. federal government has held firm on marijuana as a Schedule I drug (i.e., entirely illegal, prone to abuse, and not recognized as having any medical benefits), we’ve nevertheless witnessed 32 states legalize medical weed in some capacity. To our south, […]