Bulk Water Soluble CBD


At CBD Hemp Experts, we offer the most advanced technology and techniques to process our 100% US-Grown Hemp. All of our Hemp is organically grown and non-GMO. Our lab specializes in water soluble nano CBD powders and liposomal nano emulsion liquids. This Spray Drying Process is one of many things that sets us a part from the competition.

Since many of today’s natural compounds are only stable in a crystalline form, they often display poor aqueous solubility and low dissolution rates, thus reducing the bioavailability of the phytocannabinoids and slowing absorption. The spray drying process can co-precipitate the phytocannabinoids with a polymer in a stable amorphous solid dispersion, resulting in greatly improved dissolution rates. Spray drying has the potential to open doors for new, important solutions that are currently shelved due to low bioavailability.

Spray Drying Process



Water Soluble CBD with CBD Hemp Experts is markedly different than the average process. Using our proprietary techniques, we are able to provide fantastic liquids and powders that can be used in any aqueous solution. What makes us different is not only the fact that we have a range of liquid and powder formulations, all of which are meant for specific applications, but we also have the capability to custom formulate solutions for your individual needs. Our chemist and R&D team will walk you through each step and are on standby to help with any formulation needs you may have.




full spectrum powder

Water Soluble CBD Powder at 20%

With 200mg CBD per gram, we are very pleased to offer this powder for formulating any dry blend. Using the spray drying process, we are producing a highly bio-available particulate micro-encapsulation.

Best Used For:

Drink Mix Blends, Ready To Drink (RTD) Beverage Formulation, Capsule filling, Tablet Pressing, Stick Pack Applications, Coffee, Tea, Sports active powders, proteins, pre-workout blending, dry blending of powder.

  • Concentration: 20% active CBD by weight (200mg/gram).
  • Can be formulated with: CBD Isolate, THC-Free Distillate, Full Spectrum Compliant Distillate, CBG, CBN, Terpenes or any “Compound Terpene/Cannabinoid Ratio” that is requested.
  • Other ingredients GRAS certified.
  • Non-GMO, vegan, made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals.
  • Increased bio-availability by producing Nano particulate micro-encapsulations.




1. For the CBD powder, all you need to do is blend it well. CBD powder is the easiest product to formulate with.

2. Usually, you always want to add 10% extra CBD to accommodate for any loss, but this is not always necessary.

3. The best way blend the product is with a tumbler or paddle blender. It is recommended that you let the CBD powder blend into the product for about 30-45 minutes to ensure an even blend.

Storage: Recommend storage in a cool dry place <77F(<25C) in received packaging. Avoid excessive temperature and light exposure.

We Offer the Highest Quality Water Soluble Hemp-derived CBD Liquids & Powders Available…