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Since its federal legalization in the United States with the 2018 Farm Bill, a wide range of CBD-infused products have been developed. With this growing popularity, CBD is estimated to grow to a $22 billion industry by 2022. We have created this blog to give you business ideas and keep you up-to-date on this growing industry, as well as to educate you on the popularity of hemp extract products.

At CBD Hemp Experts, we can help you learn how you can profit from this booming hemp industry. Now is the perfect time to offer your own branded CBD products to your customers. By leveraging our white label and private label CBD manufacturing services and taking advantage of our wholesale pricing with low minimum order quantities (MOQs), you can launch or grow your own CBD business in no time.

Stressed zoo elephants to be given CBD oil to help them chill and stop fighting

Two stressed African elephants are to be given medical cannabidiol — CBD — to help them relax and stop fighting at a zoo in Poland. Warsaw Zoo announced on its website Thursday that it would conduct the experiment, which it hopes will improve the mood of the animals, with CBD oil producer Dobrekonopie. “We have…[Read More]

Hemp advocates to White House: Remove drug exclusion barriers and let FD&C Act work

Meetings continue between hemp advocates and the White House, signaling that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s CBD Enforcement Policy remains under review. On Thursday, the two administrative agencies that review rule changes received a new request from: Hemp and cannabis attorney Shawn Hauser, a partner with Denver-based law firm Vicente Sederberg. Eric Steenstra, president…[Read More]

CBD Hemp Experts Develops Exclusive Hemp-Derived Wholesale and Private Label CBG Products

The highly sought after and rare cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG) is now available for purchase as a wholesale finished product. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, August 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — CBD Hemp Experts has isolated the rare cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG), and it is now available as a bulk ingredient for blending and as a finished product. The first…[Read More]

The CBD “Industry” Is Here To Stay

Hemp legalization has solidified that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) aren’t going away. Last February, Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), acknowledged that it was “a fool’s game” to attempt to pull hemp-derived CBD products off the market. This echoes the sentiment of former interim Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, who’d stated that the…[Read More]

Congress Approves Measure Allowing CBD Use By Military Service Members

The House of Representatives approved an amendment on Monday to allow military service members to use products containing hemp and its derivatives—including CBD. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), stipulates that the “Secretary of Defense may not prohibit, on the basis of a product containing hemp or any ingredient derived from hemp, the…[Read More]